T Mobile Survey Scam


Back in December of 2021 I foolishly took what I thought at the time was a T-Mobile survey, said I could pick a gift, I just had to pay the $6.96 shipping cost.

I got a call today, 6/01/22 from a number identified as NBC 10, Bala Cynwyd, PA

The rep was telling me I owed $119.00 since I did not cancel my High Smart Watch Plan. She said the watch was only free for 7 days. I really feel this was a scam because when she called today and I debated with her the whole situation, she kept talking over me and not letting me tell my story. then she says well since I am a supervisor here I will cancel your smart watch acct, but you will l still have to pay us $71.00. She said if I didn’t, it would be reported to a collection agency. At that point I hung up on her.

I have never in my life had bad credit, I really think this is a scam but if I get a call or a notice from a collection agency who should I contact for help and guidance with this situation?

It must have been VERY FINE PRINT because I saw nothing of that, it was presented to me as a reward for doing the survey. Then to top it off, I accidentally clicked to look at  the GPS they were offering for $40.00, I ordered it by mistake I called the company right away and cancelled the GPS she said she could not not cancel the Smart Watch so I said ok since I only had to pay for the $6.96 shipping cost. Then the next month a charge appeared from a company I never heard of for $40.00 on my credit card. I called my cc company and they credited me the amount. They also recommended I cancel this CC and they would send me a new one.

I also called T-Mobile after this happened and they said they do not send out surveys like this with reward gifts promised. Any advice?



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Sorry for your situation. Since TMobile had nothing to do with this scam there is nothing TMobile can do for you other than confirm the scammer was not a TMobile entity. I would talk to your credit card company and work with their fraud department and take their recommendations.


Thank you, yes I did that already.

This post saved me from the same email phishing scam. Hovering over links within an email (without clicking the link) should tell you where you’re being redirected. If it’s not an obvious web address to the company emailing you, don’t click & report as phishing.


Thanks for the tip about hovering over the link too, I didn’t realize that.


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Anything that is offered free but you need to pay for shipping is usually a scam.


I know... I should have know better!!! Still learning even at my age! LOL!




Did u actually receive a watch?



I did this also.  How long was it before you got the call that you owed additional money?  I have not used the watch, mainly because I couldn’t figure out how to charge it or turn it on.   I knew something was not right when it arrived in a small flimsy box that just said Smart Watch.  I finally discovered that you have to pry off (not easy to do) part of the wristband and plug the connector into a charger.  It is really very cheaply made.  I hope not to receive any future messages like you received.  It really looked like a survey from T-mobile, but was a group text, which should have given me a clue to a scam.  


It was a little while, not right away. But as soon as I told the “rep” that I was reporting this to the police and my credit card company, I never heard from them again.

I also just ordered the watch but i used a gift visa, it only had like $12 what should I do? Do they get everything? Should I call and say I don't want it anymore? Please help I'm not sure what to do.

My husband got a text and was all happy to get a free apple watch. I was more skeptical and told him to use his PayPal account. He tried, it wouldn't let him click it. I said stop. We looked up Smart Fashion Daily and found they are a scam. 

I GET EMAIL FROM   t mobile survey Loyalty programs. if anyone now about it shares for community.      

I got an email notification that said T-Mobile Survey. I clicked on it and when it opened up in my email, it was just a blank page. I did not click any links. 
Does that mean they got access to my personal info?


Tmobile is the worst carrier doing business today. I cant warn people enough. I cant imagine why anyone would start service with these crooks after reading all the negative reviews, but maybe its the curiosity, people cant believe a carrier could be this horrible, but they are. EVERYTHING is bad, from equipment provided, that is used and defective, to extremely poor service, static on phones, dropped calls, GPS doesnt work, and on and on, and the worst is the customer service. I mean the absolute bottom of the barel service. You cant ever reach anyone and if you do they make you feel like you are bothering them, which is funny considering you are only calling because of their lousy service. The most lazy, incompetent, just useless personnel. Test the reviews if you dont believe them, call them and act like you have service, and you will see the lousy treatment! In the history of cellphones tmobile is the absolute bottom of the barel, the hands down the worst!