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When I signed up for T-Mobile, I was to receive 2 Iphone 13’s for free. I was with AT&T and my wife was with Verizon. Some how, when we ported both phone numbers over, the plan went to a BOGO and T-Mobile is charging me for the 2nd phone. I have called them 2 or 3 times, and have chatted online with them. They keep telling me they are working on it, but nothing changes. Will it? I kept the original chat message that clearly states that I will be receiving 2 phones for free - but when I offer to send that to them - they tell me they have the history. So far - I have gotten a credit on each of my bills, but have to call and wait for about ½ hour to get this. Customer service is only helpful to give you hints on what to do while on hold. You can make yourself a cup of tea. Great - appreciate the 1980’s training advice.


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If you use Facebook or Twitter try using messenger on the Tmobile page to see if they van help, they're a higher tier of support.


gramps28 - a huge shout out / thank you for your wisdom. Reached out to Tmobile via Facebook Messenger and wow - excellent customer service and they got it fixed. I really appreciate your insight - it was very helpful!