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  • 7 May 2018
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Last year before the iPhone X release, T-Mobile offered this $300 trade in credit for any iphone 6 and higher models. When I saw the promotion email, I went on and order my phone right away. At the time I enter my trade information, it stated the phone must be free of cracks on the screen to be eligible, the phone I were using and entered for the trade in have a tiny crack on the lower right corner, but I had another older iphone 6 from my brother at home that is in perfect condition. So I can their customer rep and asked if I can update the phone imei for the trade in, they said no problem and supposedly updated the imei for phone and created a different shipping label for me to send in the phone (the original shipping label was ship to a third party in York, PA, the second label was directly to t-Mobile). The original shipping label have the phone info with the imei # on it, but the second shipping label does not. At the time, I was not sure if they did this correctly, so I asked the rep if the change in shipping address was okay, and why it didn't my trade in info on the label like the original one, the rep assured me everything is in the system and they can track everything by the tracking # for the shipping label. So I sent in my phone after I received my iPhone X, which was shipped and delivered to me the same day it was release, while my other friends who order directly from apple the same time (the morning it was available to pre-order at 1am) still have to wait 1-2 weeks for it.

However, the problem arise after 2 months, I got a t-mobile txt message saying there is a problem with my trade it and my $300 trade in credit (statement credit spread over 24 months) will be discontinue. So I immediately called t-mobile to try to figure out why, the customer rep told me they saw the tracking # and the phone was received and they did not see any issue with it. So the rep gave me a temporary credit and open an ticket to fix this, I did not get any follow up on the ticket. Then the next month, I still dont see the trade in credit, so I called again, and the same response, they gave me a temp credit and said will open an ticket to look into it, again no follow up. Then the 3rd time around, I still not see the credit, so I called again and this time I asked them to call me back and follow up on the issue. So they called me back a week later and said they never received my phone, I gave them the tracking # which showing the phone was received and signed by t-mobile, they said my trade in promotion was tied to the original tracking #, they are not sure why I was given this second label. The rep said he will need to track down my phone with this second tracking and follow up with me in another week. Another week passed, the rep called me and said they cannot locate my phone, and ask for the imei # for the phone. I did some digging and found the imei # and gave it to them and they found my phone. However, here is the funny part, they now denying me the $300 trade in credit for two reasons. #1 I did not send in my phone using the original shipping label for the trade in. #2, they claim that there was no record of me calling in to change the imei # (they have records of me contacting customer care multiple time but none of them leave any note of what my calls was about, but one of the call did issued this second shipping label, which they admit was not the right procedure for trade in, aka they messed up and should had never issue a second shipping label).

I found both reason are lame, since I was following the exact instruction given to me to send in my phone. Yesterday I called again to ask I was denied the $300 trade in credit, instead they just transferring me around different departments for over a hour, first customer care said I have to talk to their rebate/promotion department, then promotion department sent me back to customer care and then back to promotion. Near the end I was a little pissed from my time being wasted, so I asked to speak to a supervisor. Supervisor came and asked who did I talked to back in november and get the second shipping lable (shouldn't t-mobile know this better than me?), he told me the person did not follow the right procedure and should had never created a second shipping label for my trade in which cause all this confusion, and he was only able to offer me $85 for the phone I sent in which is what it was value, he cannot give me the $300 credit because I did not send in the original phone with the original shipping label for the trade in, and he told me to stop calling them regarding this and this is their final decision.

I found it very rude and this was clearly their mistake, I don't know why I should be the one to blame for following their instruction to send my phone in. I asked for the customer care contact record from last year, and they said they did not keep any of those record. I asked them to give me my phone back instead of the petty $85 trade in credit (I can probably sell that phone on ebay for twice of that, it was a perfect condition iphone 6 64gb) and of course they said no.

Just want to let everyone know how unfair and rude T-Mobile is to their customer and the false information they give and denials. Next time you are unsure about something, make sure you keep a recording of when calling them, I wish I did so but now I learned. I have 4 lines with T-mobile, and was looking to add my girlfriend and her family to my family plan but now I will definitely look to move my business away from them. The difference in trade in credit was only slight over what I pay them each month for my monthly bill, I cant believe they would try to blame in on their customer for their own mistake. I had been with them for years and this is how their treat their loyal customers.


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Man this is so rough and I'm really sorry things got so chaotic with the trade-in. We don't wanna lose your business if you haven't already, you should contact out T-Force team and have them take a shot at this to see if there's more that can be done. You can reach them through the Facebook or Twitter links in my badge or on our Community-2153​ page. They have the account tools needed to look into this further for you.

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Man this is so rough and I'm really sorry things got so chaotic with the trade-in. We don't wanna lose your business if you haven't already, you should contact out T-Force team and have them take a shot at this to see if there's more that can be done. You can reach them through the Facebook or Twitter links in my badge or on our Community-2153​ page. They have the account tools needed to look into this further for you.


Thanks for your help, is the t-force team any difference than regular customer care? All I see in the contact us page is the 611 number for customer care who I tried to talk to multiple time, they just transferring me around and a waste of time, and the last time I escalate and ask for supervisor, he was just being rude and keep saying this is final decision and there will be no further review although he did acknowledge the second shipping label was not the normal procedure and someone made a mistake, but still refused to admit fault and honor my $300 trade in credit and instead offer only $85, before I can explain more, he just hanged up on me...

Not sure if T-Mobile have a department to file complaints, but I am planning to files a complaint with BBB and will switch my lines to another carrier once I receive the $85 trade in credit in my next bill. I probably have to pay more for the same plan with att or verizon, but at least I dont have to deal with dishonest customer care.

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Oh man, I don't want you to think we're wasting your time. Sorry if that page is confusing. T-Force is reached through social media. So, you'll want to use the Facebook or Twitter links on that page to reach out to them. They are usually pretty quick about answering and you can even link them to this thread so they can get the gist of what you need help with.

Thanks for your help mike, I just got this taken care of before I have a chance to contact t-force. I filed a complaint with BBB yesterday regarding the promotion and rude customer care. Someone from t-mobile just called and taken care of the promotion credit and apologized for the experience I had with the customer care team and provide more feedback and training to the team. I am glad this get resolved quickly. Hopefully the customer team will improve in the future and no one have to file a BBB complaint before they get a fair resolution.

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Oh I'm so glad this got taken care of for you. We totally appreciate the feedback and we'll continue to work hard on giving you a great experience in the future.

I placed an order to upgrade the phone with a trade-in. My order is still under proocess, the problem is I lost the phone which is  going for trade in. How I can change the my trade in device?