T-Mobile Tuesday reward this week for Burger King doesn't work (or is it just me?)

  • 3 July 2020
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I notice that the Burger King deal does work. You are supposed to copy the code, go to the BK app, click on the T-Mobile Tuesdays banner, enter the code…….oh wait, the T-Mobile Tuesdays banner is there but it is the only link/banner in the app that doesn’t do anything when you click it. I logged onto to find the banner/link available there as well and just as the app, it doesn’t do anything. Seems a little convenient like BK is trying to get out of the deal while still walking away with T-Mobile’s money….

4 replies

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It seems there is a lot of issues with this promo. It should be like the shell promo where you can link the offer in the app or web site account.


Yep. Here we are a whole day later and the link still doesn’t work. So this will turn into another reward we’ll never be able to use because the company the offer works with is pulling something shady. 

Same thing happened to my husband and I last night!  After clicking on redeem on our phones and taking us to the BK app, it would not let us click on the offer!!!  The offer was there but it would not link to anything!  After 20 minutes of logging in and out and signing back in hoping that would reset it and work, we finally gave up and just ordered whoppers and paid for them!  
 We complained to the manager and he said he had heard it was happening to a lot of people and he was sorry but couldn’t do anything about it. That it was Corporate’s fault!  We decided not to go there anymore. Something like this happens every time we try it at BK!  Not worth the frustration for a free burger!  T-Mobile please fix this issue!


Over the last couple years - the BK offer often doesn’t work.  We got it to work once, after many tries.  Don’t bother trying any more.