T-Mobile & Viasat WiFi Partnership Soon?

  • 24 January 2019
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Does anyone know if T-Mobile and Viasat inflight Wi-fi are coming up with a partnership anytime soon? A lot of airlines, particularly the world's largest airline...American has been moving away from Gogo and switching to Viasat. The T-Mobile free wifi deal is pretty much worthless now since you can't use it on any Viasat equipped aircraft.


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12 replies

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Hey, @bstores​!

We haven't heard anything about adding another WiFi partner to airlines as of yet. I usually fly Alaskan Airlines and boy do I depend on the GoGo in-flight connection so I understand where you're coming from. If we were to add another partner, we would likely announce it here first.

This is puzzling, I recently traveled on Jan 29th 2019, and through the American Airlines app there was a T-Mobile account sign in for free WiFi, I had it from San Antonio to Bradley in Connecticut multiplevhour trip. Fast forward to today March 10th 2029 the link doesn't exist anymore? What's going on?

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Depends on the plane your get. Not all of them are switched at the same time and it might only be on their newer planes.

I've seen within the AA app...that when it's ViaSat...that there's a way for it to determine if you have an unlimited GoGo plan directly with GoGo.  Maybe there's a way that Tmobile can work with ViaSat to also recognize the T-Mobile plan.

Are there any updates to the T-Mobile Viasat partnership? It’s been many months since anything has been written about it.

I am on 3-5 American Airlines flights a week and 90% of the time its Viasat.

This whole "T-Mobile Free Wifi" in the air is an absolute lie now.

Its so insulting that tmobile has abandoned its customers and refuses to mention anything about this change.

But that would mean Tmobile paying to include the service they had originally promised us with Viasat, which they will not do.

Tmobile could easly resolve this if they wanted to, but they wont.

Any updates on this? Looks like Delta just switched to Viasat for October 2021. Delta’s website claims that you can access both Gogo and Viasat, however on my flight, I was only able to access Viasat. 

This is literally one of 2 major reasons why I switched to T-Mobile. And this is definitely the reason why I have the higher priced plan. I will most definitely reconsider other alternatives. 

This definitely needs to be revisited and a new partnership needs to be made with via sat instead of Gogo. I work for one of the major airlines and know that all major airlines including international will be switching to viasat vs gogo due to their superior speed. To be true to marketing of inflight wifi included you will need to change the vendor you are partners with.

Same complaint. I have unlimited inflight gogo and I am sending this from a Delta ViaSat connection that cost me $5. Not cool.


Flew Delta from ATL to BDL and return this week. Outbound flight had GoGo but return did not. After struggling to get on the internet, the flight attendant informed me of the transition to Viasat by Delta.

There goes my main reason for switching to T-Mobile!!


T-Mobile offers free wifi on gogo equipped flights. This is not the same as free wifi on Delta. 

Delta is shifting to Viasat which has a technically superior service over gogo, with the end goal being free wifi for everyone on all flights. Until the majority of their planes are equipped with viasat they will charge $5 per flight for access, to avoid an inconsistent experience for all Delta passengers. Delta has no obligation to TMobile users.

Nobody has broken a deal, as TMobile users, we still get free wifi on all gogo equipped flights. 

I don’t fly AA, so I can’t speak as to what they are planning.