T-MOBILE: What is your issue with linking T-Mobile MONEY with Mint?

  • 9 June 2021
  • 3 replies


Really?  Mint is trying to work with you to get linking with them accomplished.  Are you unable to do so because your security and infrastructure is unable to support on your end?   If so, how can you expect consumers to trust you with their money and leverage your banking product?  I will NOT use your banking product until such time that you have successfully implemented securely interfacing with Mint.  Please make this a priority on your “Future Enhancements” list(s).

3 replies

I like T-Mobile Money for the higher interest, but their usability absolutely sucks without being able to be part of my overall financial picture.  Integration with Mint is critical for some users including me. T-Mobile, pull your head out and fix this problem!

I really need this integration as well. Very frustrating to not be able to use Mint. 

please support the integration, I am not switching the TMO Money  account as my primary account just because of this issue !