T-Mobile Wingman Hotspot?

  • 29 March 2018
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The last time I had my phone upgraded, I noticed that one of the saved wifi names already on my phone was named "T-Mobile Wingman." I did not incorporate this hotpot on my phone - as I said, it was new - and I cannot find it listed anywhere on the T-Mobile website. A google search seems to indicate that it's the name of a service that T-Mobile provides for in-flight wifi... But then, wouldn't it be listed somewhere on the official website? And furthermore, why would it be on my new phone?

Any answers that the community can provide would be very much appreciated. 😊


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Is it a public connection? Its possible that you left wifi on and it auto connected at one point without you realizing. You can just forget it and boom it will be gone.

I noticed it too on my Samsung Galaxy Note8, after the Oreo update. Unfortunately there's no option to "forget", unlike other ssid's that are on the list. The only option is to enable/disable auto reconnect.

Under Manage Networks, on my phone it is under Saved Networks and always shows "Not in range."  I didn't save it so who put it there.   Being of suspicious mind for good reason, I thought somebody hacked into my account.  Several people recently hacked into my Verizon account and decided to tell all their friends my access code and password so anything that just pops up on my phone is suspicious.

We should be allowed to delete it.  It's our phones that we pay for and if we don't want apps or something called TMobileWingman we should have the right to delete it and that includes all the junk from Google that loads up our phones.

I have seriously considered getting rid of T-Mobile after several years because their updates usually require a reset on my phone.  It seems whenever a new phone comes out they push a lot of updates to screw up my phone.  This has happened three times now and their solution is for me to upgrade not replace.  If I didn't own my mobile hotspot from T-Mobile I would have gotten rid of them long ago, but other services say it's incompatible with their service.  That's just a lie to get me to buy one again.  Typical business.  They're all liars.

In the past I usually rooted my phone in order to use Titanium Backup to debloat my device and remove system apps I had no use for. Unfortunately, it seems Qualcomm has made it next to impossible to properly unlock the bootloader on my Note8. So moving forward I'm gonna purchase a factory unlocked international version of my next phone, most likely the Samsung Galaxy Note10, in order to take advantage of the future wireless ax and LTE standards. Don't see any need in getting the Note9 since there's no significant improvement from the previous model, and I see no need to buy any more smartphones through a service provider. Especially since contracts are a thing of the past and you end up paying full price anyway. I might as well purchase an international factory unlocked device. At least that way I don't have to deal with any of T-Mobile's preinstalled, unremovable bloatware. This also includes hidden surprises like their wingman hotspot. For now, unless you want to use it, I would suggest leaving it disabled.

Purchased a Samsung J3 a couple of days ago. I've been unable to connect to my home WIFI. Not only it my home wifi does not appear in "Available Networks" list but also when I add it manually it won't work. I get Out of range error. So in the course of trying to connect to my home wifi I came across the Manage Networks by going through Settings->Connections->Wi-Fi->Advanced->Manage Networks. To my surprise I noticed the TmobileWingman entry which I cannot even "Forget". I called a local TMobile store and also had long conversation with a TMobile customer support to no avail. None of them knew or even had heard of it. I have a theory. I suspect that there are people who buy new cell phones and travel with them and connect to in-flight GoGO and then after a while return them for a refund and pick up another cell phone. Samsung then refurbishes them and ship them as "new" to their resellers. I'm still digging this out. I purchased it from Costco. I went there this afternoon to alarm them about potentially illegal practice by Samsung selling used as new. I have kept the cell as a proof and I will not let go until I get to the bottom of this. But that's just a theory. If anyone knows anything please share.

I'm shocked to read this, can you at least connect to the 3g or 4g?


I would assume it's a network available to tmobile customers possibly for the in flight wifi, when I had AT&T there was one call attwifi that I could not forget and it would automatically connect when in range but non at&t customer who wished to access it had to pay to use it.