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  • 30 August 2018
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As of yet I have not been able to find a positive comment for this new team of experts.

I have been told that out of a 40 available Representatives only two of them work the message line through the T-Mobile app.

Basically I get one who is die hard wanting me to buy a new iPhone and the other one who cannot answer any question of any type.

So those are the only two people I will ever get to speak with until they go elsewhere. So it also seems that the representatives on Twitter are a little bit more easy to work with even though they can see the chat from the T-Mobile app chats, they seem to be able to get more done.

The biggest problem I have run into is that you can kind of tell what kind of people they are through the way that they speak either on the phone or through typing and they don't seem to be as educated as you'd hoped they'd be.

All of that to say that this team of experts via phone and T-Mobile message app are not quite as good as the old school method of calling in and getting somebody different every time with at least a chance to get a hold of someone who can actually help you.

As is the case now once you get one person you're stuck with that one person and hopefully they know what they're doing otherwise it becomes very circular.

I find it hard to believe that T-Mobile has been working on this uncarrier movement for over 2 years and these are the results we are presented with.

8 replies

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I've had a "neutral-positive" experience when I called in.

It's "neutral" because I waited about 10 minutes before my phone rang for my call from them, and then I had another 10 minutes or so on hold waiting for a person on the line.  I had the urge to just yell "REPRESENTATIVE" randomly.

It's "positive" because the person I got was very friendly, and very helpful with everything I brought up.  It was a three-part phone call involving a lot of housekeeping on my account, and she made sure I understood everything going on (including the one thing I had forgotten).

The problem with saying "positive" is the rare time I call in to Customer Care, I always got that level of helpfulness and cheerfulness.  So, I really can't say whether or not it was a "better" experience when I was talking to someone.  It wasn't quite as great an experience in the connection process.

Certainly not impressed. Twice this evening the website logged me off while having a message conversation with a Team representative. The second time I was in the middle typing a response, so inactivity can't be their excuse. I've always figured that changing carriers would be a pain with no big improvement, but now I thinking why not.

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Look. Customer service anywhere is bad. If you like your service and plan and price...stay put.

Like anything new, it takes a bit of time to work the kinks out.  I love the team approach.  When I call, I get people who are closest to my location (unless I call after hours), and I'm not transferred nearly as much as I was before.  I believe they've worked out many of the kinks.  I hope you've been able to hang in there with them.  They are really trying. 

This is true that it is nice to have local people, then you are sure you can understand them.

But, their knowledge in technology is very poor.

My experience is that it takes time to actually reach a competent person. Even supervisors have issues understand technical question.

These people are not trained and I can tell sometimes that they are not really willing to learn more. The worst has been when they are making some statements about a something, and they are totally wrong... They have too much pride (maybe by being called team of expert) that they don't even admit something they don't know.

In my many contacts, I had only 2 person really helpful.

The worst thing, and it's not the representative faults, they can't even call a technician, engineer, etc... to get answers. They can only open tickets, and then end the communication, leaving you at the same situation. And you don't even know how and if you will receive any feedback.

My experience is definitely not being impressed by them... I hope they are going to be better.

I thank the 2 person who have been very helpful for my issues/request...

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The PR around the ToE is what has raised the awareness. This doesn't change the fact that it's hard to find a knowledgeable person. 

snn555 wrote:

The PR around the ToE is what has raised the awareness. This doesn't change the fact that it's hard to find a knowledgeable person.

People are kind, try to be kind. But T-Mobile, by making a change and create that ToE, I'm sure they want to better served their customers. Also, you have to pay knowledgeable people. But, they are not training their guys, and they are not ready to answer question. I am not either talking about dome people at the store.

Anyway, the fact that they can't reach anybody that can answer advanced technical question is a non-sense. I've never experienced that before...

Anyway, as said, it's not always better somewhere else. But abroad, I had better customer service actually. But if I have to compare AT&T and T-Mobile, it's hard to say.

I have had T-Mobile for many years now and I usually never have a problem but lately w this whole new team of experts it had gone down hill!! i can’t ever get any straight answers and I’m sorry but I can hardly ever understand anyone because they have heavy accents. On my last call I tried to talk to a supervisor but just kept getting put in hold and the same person kept comI g back on the line trying to answer my question. I was so frustrated!!! I’m now thinking about switching services.