Tech support disconnected my sim card and now I can't call them

  • 6 January 2022
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I received a replacement device and was encouraged to install a new SIM card. When i called Tech-Support to activate the new SIM card, the agent had so much background noise: whistling, laughing, etc. that it was impossible to hear them speak, then they ended up activating the SIM to my wife’s phone…. which immediately disconnected my wife’s cellphone while she was at work, which resulted in her losing business. When she came home we put the new SIM card in her phone so that we could call tech support again (keep in mind we have to wait on hold for 2 hours each time) and they disconnected MY SIM card. Now the phone call drops immediately while on the phone with Tech-Support. It’s now 10:25pm and my wife is still on hold with tech support, next available agent in 2 hours! We have to go to work tomorrow and we both have SIM cards that T-Mobile Tech Support MISTAKENLY disconnected, meaning we cannot make phone calls. When you walk in to their physical stores the employees will not talk to you or help you unless you buy something from them. They will give you the run around and act like they cannot help with simply activating a SIM. The employees openly were talking about their commission checks because that's all they care about.  I asked them to connect my new SIM card and they disconnected my wife's phone by accident, then disconnected mine.. it will take hours to straighten things out just so i can cancel my service. I have never seen a more incompetent group. When you walk in to the store you can sense the desperation of the employees wanting to make commissions off of you. This company will be out of business within the next year without a doubt.

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