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  • 8 December 2020
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I have been a customer with Sprint for about 19 years and the level of service and frustration I am having with "Customer Service" is making me strongly reconsider. I have made a total of 4 calls, 2 on Friday, November 27th and 2 on Saturday November 28th.


Issue: When I tried to upgrade my devices. 1 out of the 5 phones was not coming up as eligible for trade in because of a lease or installment plan. The issue with this is I purchase all my devices straight up at Best Buy and don't have installment plans.


Call 1: Lasted 30 minutes, and got information on upgrading the five lines on my account.


Call 2: Lasted about 30 minutes and was not helpful. Said their system was down and to call back tomorrow.


Call 3: Lasted over 2 hours and 15 minutes (not including hold time). Where I was transferred laterally among the "Customer Service Department" and "Sales Team". I repeatedly asked to speak to a manager and was either told no one is available or that they could handle my issue themselves. After finally getting everything I needed ready. The agent told me that I would be charged $20 per line as a fee associated to my phone call. I asked to have it waived as it was not my fault that the Online portal did not work and for the simple fact that I had wasted over 30 minutes due to incompetence and the unwillingness to escalate my issue even with repeated requests to speak to a manager. At the end of the call the sales person said he would check with his manager. After putting me on hold for 15 minutes he hung up on me. He eventually hung up and never called back even though he had a good call back number.


Call 4: Lasted over 2 hours. I was transferred back and forth even though I asked for a Manager/Supervisor multiple times. There were even  couple people who just put me on hold and transferred me without telling me. After my willingness to accept the BS charges of upgrading my devices over the phone. The sales associate told me that I would be signed up for insurance and I could cancel it within 30 days. I repeatedly told her I do not want it. And I just want the devices but she kept saying I could cancel it. Even said if I don't have insurance and the phone breaks while shipping to me I would be out of luck. She eventually hung up and never called back even though she had a good call back number.


What Im asking for:

-I want the promotions I have been trying to get since Friday for my new devices

-I want to speak to Manager or someone higher up in America from Sprint that can take care of me and get this over with. I have spent entirely too long and have tried way to hard just to lock myself in a 30 month installment plan with Sprint for 5 devices. I am practically trying to give you my money and your company refuses to take it.

-I do not want insurance on any devices

-I would like each employee that touched my account since Friday reprimanded and given training


After all 4 of my calls and the 10 plus employees that I spoke to. It is more than evident that Sprint does not care for their customers the same way they used to. They especially have no regard for Customer Loyalty. It's also upsetting to know that if I have an issue, I can't call into the *2 number because all the employees do not want to escalate and get in trouble. On top of all that, Sprint has to be pushing extremely hard on their employees where they would rather not make a sale than take a purchase without insurance on my devices.


Last thing, although each employee was not willing to help me or could not help me. They all insisted I add a line to my account since it was free which just created more anger and frustration on my part. You can't even get my current devices squared away and you want me to sign up for more?!?




Just an update. I have had 3 customer service representatives reach out via personal message and still can't fix my account or get me the correct end result. They continue to circle around and do the same thing every person on the phone has done. In addition, I have been unable to speak to a manager.
At this point if this is not resolved by Friday of this week I will take my 19 years of business to another carrier that actually cares about their customers. Im hoping T Mobile has better customer service than Sprint.

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