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I'm so sorry, @balpaugh‌ - that image didn't come through.  Can you try again?

Also, I must have misunderstood your original question.  You referenced "text messages sent via email", so I assumed you were talking about the service that allows our customers to send SMS from an email system... hopefully the screen shot will make it a little more clear, but if you can give me some details I'm happy to help!

- Marissa

Thank you, but I’m not sending from my email so there is no way to add any contact information.

As you can see in this picture, multiple alerts can fill my screen rather than within a single text string.  I’ve not had this issue with other mobile carriers until switching to T-Mobile.  How can this please get changed????

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Hey @balpaugh‌!  This is a great question.  I tested on my phone (an LGV10) by sending some emails to my line through the 1XXXXXXXXXX@tmomailnet format, and because I have my email address saved as a contact, they appeared in the same message thread.  I'm not sure if that would work for a back-and-forth, though.  Can you try saving the email address as a contact and see if that works?

- Marissa