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How can I get text messages sent via email to appear from a single sender rather than each one being unique?


Best answer by srickar 1 April 2017, 05:11

@tmo_marissa @balpaugh I can help explain this! I am the spam admin for Email to mobile is MM3 messaging. It routes through the MMSC, but if the message is less than 160 characters, plain text, no media content, the message format meets criteria to be redirected to SMSC for delivery. This is hard coded standard and cannot be customized per sender or recipient. The message is delivered over SMS 97xx/2300 gateway which is a random assignment. So this is why messages are not nested in the same conversation.

Those three slashes signify the plain text ASCII message format sender / subject / body. Why? Plain text SMS is the sum of the sender + subject + body = (<160 char). Plain text is the lowest denominator decision. If less than 160 characters, RFC standards commit the message to traditional SMS delivery because there is no transcoding or HTTP get required for such a basic message format.

When it's redirected to SMS, the sender header info is dropped in favor of SMSC gateway identity. The workaround is to force the messages as MMS which would be HTML, multimedia, longer than 160 characters, or include a subject which should force it to remain as MMSC message.

I understand this is a pain, as firefighters use them for CAD paging. This design went into place when the MMSC vendors were swapped out over 4 years ago and it's following RFC messaging standards. The old vendor used to route it down a static gateway but if that gateway was down or failed, nobody got their messages! For modern gateway redundancy, the messages need to round-robin to the nearest available SMS gateway and so the messages are not hashing to a specific exit.

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Let's get to the bottom of this issue. If you could please submit a ticket with customer care 611, I would appreciate that. I need to get these fully documented.

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@aj8193​ definitely! could please do me a favor and submit a ticket to customer care 611 regarding services? I need to get more examples of this issue documented. It seems like majority of these failures are with newer RCS Samsung devices.

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Hey, all. I know there are suggestions in the reply marked correct on the original post here regarding ways to attempt to trick or force emails to SMS to come through as MMS. If you give these a shot and are not successful, then at that point, @srickar​ is correct -- our engineering team needs the type of documentation with account details that a trouble ticket with our Tech team can provide.
That said, I'm going to go ahead and lock this thread. If you've read through and tried the suggestions and are still having problems, please Contact Us​ so that we can get the examples documented and sent up for review! Thank you so much.

- Marissa