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Hi, I recently switched from Verizon to T-mobile and after about 6 days of having service on T-mobile I could no longer send texts, only receive them. I only text one outgoing phone as the majority if not all of my other contacts have iphones with imessage. The volume of texts between the one contact I do text and myself, outgoing and incoming combined, was around 599 messages in 6-7 or so days according to the data I can download from T-mobile.  After about a week of customer service trying to figure out what the issue is, they said I have been blocked for spam. However, how can this happen if I’ve only messaged one person, who is my friend, and who I consistently message with at the same volume for the past 5 years. And, how can I resolve this as it has still not been resolved!?



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My sister's texts messages recently stopped going through; they told her it was because she send "too long of a message" to someone. Meaning, she sent too many characters in one message. It makes absolutely no sense from an account standpoint, but not sure about the IT end. Seems totally ridiculous.

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When an SMS exceeds a set size, it should re-characterize as an MMS. My dad does that all the time and they come through as an MMS. Have you tried wiping the cache of the messaging app?