text messages hidden or coded?

  • 17 May 2022
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my girlfriend and i have a joint account. she and i both have access to all of the account info. (data usage, messaging, calls).  when i look at my messaging info (texting) i text a few different individuales and the nill shows the phone numbers. when i look at my girlfriends messaging usage, there is only my number plus some short code texts. she gets a lot more texts than i but it doesnt show on the bill. is there another way to receive or send texts? she just recently moved over from verizon (if that helps?). Oh, she has an iphone and i have an android. Thanks for looking.       


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3 replies

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There are plenty of other ways to send texts, like through third party apps like Kik, SnapChat, and many, many more.  

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if the mass majority of her texts are sent/received through imessage you wont see any of those since they dont get sent/received the same as a regular text would.


Thanks for clarifying... there are certain days when her data is pretty hi... maybe that's how and where the texts are coming from?? Like the 3rd party apps. Thanks again!