THE best rep ever on Appril 7, 2022


I was in the TMobile store 🏬 n West Dundee IL because my iPhone 13 kept crashing and resetting itself. The man who helped me is named Millie or Mille or close to that.  He usually works in the Crystal Lake store, but he was helping out in Dundee yesterday.  This man was cool, calm, and collected as well as a genius as he diagnosed the problem. He somehow fixed my phone. He closed about a million open windows, which I didn’t know should get closed after use. My 28 year old daughter had passed away on April 5, 2022, and my biggest concern and wish was to save every text she sent me. He did some stuff, and then made sure all texts were in my iCloud AND he sent all her texts s to my iPad, too. I have them safely backed up and on both devices. It was hard holding back the tears.  Millie was also very cool to talk to as he worked. Very kind, funny, and interesting. I mean, tmMillie is a truly kind person. Not to mention his genius mind.  I’m pretty old but we actually clicked- no generational barriers there😊.  So, I want you to promote him, give him a huge raise and make him T-Mobile’s Rep of the Century. That’s what I would like to happen, but in case it doesn’t, 😉, please let him know how very grateful I am to him. Hold onto this man. He’s my T-mo Hero 🥇

sincerely yours,

carol (carrie) burr

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