The rep lied about everything!

  • 9 February 2021
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I was calling several cell phone providers to check on prices and service speed to see if I should leave Metro Pcs, (after being with them since 2006). My bill was $71 a month for 2 lines.

When I called last week to Team mobile, I explained that I was thinking about changing companies, and that we wanted 3 lines, and that we had a phone for one line but needed to get 2 phones that are 5g compatible.

He explained the perfect deal for us, $90 a month and we had our choice of having 2 or 3 lines since the 3rd line is free, along with unlimited mobile hotspot and data.

And now come to find out, he sold us 2 phones, neither of which are 5g compatible, they want to charge us $55 for a new sim card to use in our other device to use on the 3rd line plus $15 extra a month for that line(even though we have a unlocked sim for that phone), they set us up to pay our bill 21 days after starting their service,  and here we cancelled Metro and our internet provider, after being lied to/scammed.

I've asked to speak with a Supervisor, or for them to listen to the audio on our initial conversation/setup,  But no one seems to be able to help, and each rep has given me a different price on their services and Sim cards.

IDK what to do. Can someone please help?!

I'm lost.

1 reply

What do you do? Choose another phone provider. I was lied too for over 2 hours today after I called 611. Don’t trust T-Mobile anymore…..