The T-Mobile Website Gets Stuck When I Try to Pay My Bill

  • 14 December 2017
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My mother and I have been on T-Mobile for the past couple of years, and have always paid our bills on the T-Mobile website. However, in the past three months, we both have been having trouble with the sight when it comes to paying our bill.


When we click on "Pay Bill", a grey page pops up when a pink circle that spins (as shown below), and then the page is stuck there and is unable to move onto the next screen so we can pay the bill.

I have been able to work around this by paying on my phone instead, but my mother has not. Is there anyway to fix things on our end so the website works properly? Are there other ways for us to pay our bill?


Any answers on this issue would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

7 replies

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Does this happen on more than one computer? If not then you may try to clean the cache and cookies of that web browser. However if it is both browsers or both PCs if you use two separate to pay the bills then there may be another issue.

Personally I have found in the past couple weeks that the site is more responsive with fewer errors but that is just my experience.

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Just checking in here to see how things are going. Did you get a chance to try using a different browser or try clearing your current browsers cache/cookies/history?

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Hey @smartphonedragon  just curious if you've had the chance to try the suggestions above. Please give us a reply back and let us know if those steps helped. Thank you.

If you are using an adblocker like uBlock, AdBlockPlus, or some other plugin then you need to disable it. It seems whoever maintains the lists recently updated it to block scripts used by Tmobile's sites.

Otherwise, right click -> inspect (on Chrome/Chromium) or right click -> Inspect Element and click the Console tab at the top of the window that opens on the bottom (Firefox/Pale Moon) and look at the console to see what errors are showing up. That will be helpful for developers to fix the site. 😉


As for tmobile: you should let your devs know the site is being blocked by blocklists so they can find workarounds for something as critical as payments. If you are running tracking analytic code then it shouldn't be coded in a way such that the page doesn't load.

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Hey @smartphonedragon  looks like you got some great suggestions from folks here. Have you been able to give them a try and see if they helped? Please give us a reply back and let us know. Thanks!


3  years down the road still the issue persists .. how do they expect us to pay when their page probably only works for the guys that developed it …. need to go back to night school. Also all of this lame flashy stuff makes it so slow at least add a link to have an html version.. “Responsive” website?? Do they know what it is

I just went through this with a new prepaid account. I was unable to complete the process when attempting to pay my bill, and got an error notification on the last page. Be careful, people, because I made several attempts, and despite the fact I was getting a server error on my end, the process was completing on their end, and my account got hit five times for my billing amount. It’s been a week and I am still waiting for my account to be credited, which is a hardship as I’m on a limited income right now, like many out there. Whatever you do, if it doesn’t go through the first time and you get an error message, don’t keep repeating the process or you may end up with hundreds being taken out of your account.