the worst

  • 15 May 2024
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This is the worst carrier you could have. I have had other carriers and this was the biggest mistake by switching to t mobile. We got scammed

1 reply

Yeah they make you pay for the line that you are not even used yet . There service sucks. I was a Metro by T-Mobile thinking they run by T-Mobile there will be no problem just go T Mobile  wrong decision I had made I had better service  with Metro. I  almost lost my job over there service. There system doesn't register some of your phone calls. You have to dial into different internets while traveling from one side town to the other . Metro you can use Internet from home. I promise you I will  never go back to T mobile .they can have free phone and free line for a year I still won't go back. They try their hardest to make money from you. I have to pay almost 260.00 for two  line and 1 phone one line that  hasn't even been used yet. Then they kept telling me I had three lines . Let's say they are a shitty carrier. I would not recommend them to my enemies