tmobile abuse of autopay - has anyone noticed that?

  • 18 January 2018
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1. I have arranged for refund of an over-pay 2 weeks before the end of the billing cycle.

That never got any attention and was never effected.

Autopay just enabled tmobile to cheat me out of a substantial amount of money.

Devious and dishonest!!!

2. Because of the above cheating, tmobile refused to apply the Kick-back on 4 lines.

Autopay and Kick-back are not related, but tmobile somehow conveniently did.

So, more money flew out of my pocket.

3. I have been a tmobile customer for years, and had my own autopay going, so I never defaulted.

tmobiles's autopay is a liability - not a saving.

6 replies

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Yikes @magenta2398607​ This isn't the autopay experience or impression that we wanna leave you with at all. Autopay should only be withdrawing the balance on the account and only 2 days before the cycle closes. When you say you're arranging a refund, are you saying you were billed the same account balance twice or was the charge over what it normally is? Not getting the KickBack is a little confusing to me too. This has to do with being enrolled in the program and data usage. Did you have this set up at one point and you're no longer getting it or did you ever have it set up in the first place? We appreciate you being a long time customer so I'm sorry this happened and for asking these questions like this, but I do wanna help as much as I can to shine some light on this and help you get this resolved.

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Just wanted to check in here to see how things were going. Please let us know if you still need help with anything.

Still cannot find out whether anything changed.

I still believe I was abused.

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Sorry to hear you hadn't found anything out. When was the last time you reached out to our Customer Care team? What was the last thing they told you?

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Hey there, @magenta2398607.

I appreciate you sharing your experience with others. We truly want to make sure this gets handled in the best way possible. Have you had the opportunity to speak with Customer Care regarding this? If so, what was the outcome?

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Hey, @magenta2398607! It has  been a few days since we've heard back from you. Have you already chatted with Customer Care about your AutoPay and kickback? Were they able to get to the bottom of this for you? Please keep us updated.