Tmobile agent abruptly cancelled my plan, can't port phone number! r

  • 10 August 2022
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Earlier today I was chatting with a nice agent about service issues, (missing payments, check that was mailed in and cashed that tmobile never found)  pretty much I was behind but I offered payment today, and full balance on Friday when a supervisor came on, very rude and arrogant. Which took me by surprise, I started typing again when he said he's canceling my service by the end of the conversation. I asked a question  he responded " a final bill will be mailed to your address, have a good day". For one, Is this typical?  I immediately got service with Verizon after. I wasn't able to get a port pin and have spoke with 5 different people who have given me different answers on this. Worst case scenario, I won't get my number. I was told if I paid in full there might be a chance of getting it, I'm not risking the maybe. Especially after today. Anyone experience this? 

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