Tmobile chat not avaliable anymore?

  • 3 August 2020
  • 3 replies


I cant call while working, Where is the chat feature?

3 replies

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I don’t know why T-Mobile doesn’t seem willing or able to operate their own online chat. OTOH, the seem to do a very good job of answering questions on Twitter @TMobileHelp.


Are there not any T-mobile reps that can answer this question? I know they are going through a transitional period with the sprint merger, but that doesn’t really explain why the chat option is gone! I hate calling in to the support line and would always always ALWAYS pick the chat support option.. Plus it also means I have a transcript of the chat session to refer back on if I have to make multiple calls on a single issue… What’s up T-mobile?

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Have you clicked on the contact and support tab , upper right, then waited for chat to pop up on the lower right?