Tmobile costco rebate - timeline ?

  • 3 February 2023
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Hi, Any idea how long does it take for T-Mobile to process the rebates? It has been more than 8 weeks since I submitted my rebate form in promotions website but it is still in same status. 



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Glad you were able to get the rebate submitted online and you are using the portal to keep an eye on your status. Since it is a rebate through one of our partnerships, the process does take a bit longer. In total, it can take up to 15 weeks to process and approve the rebate. Personally, that sounds like a long time and I doubt it takes that long every time, but that is the maximum expectation. 

I sincerely hope it doesn't take that long for you. 

Mine has been more than 18 weeks now.  How can I check its status?



I've also been waiting a long time.  Its rediculous.  Why not just process the promised rebates instead if playing these stupid games?

Can someone explain the logic of why T-Mobile is making it soooo hard and frustrating?

My experience otherwise with T-Mobile has been pretty good.


I bought my phone 9/21/23 same Costco promotion. I just got it today 7/8/24 and if you think you are getting a 200 gift card to Costco you are wrong. they changed it to 200 dollar card spendable only at T-Mobile. this is bait and switch. 1st make sure you check status. I checked mine after 3 months and saw that it was denied. I called and they said it was a mistake and assured me that I would get my Costco virtual card soon. I forgot about it for awhile (something they are betting on) and then I checked today only to see that I was denied still. So I called and she informed me that because they had to fix it from the last time i called, it did not show up on the rebate side as approved, but that it was in fact approved about 3-4 weeks earlier. No they did not email or try to contact me in any way. I am not happy with T-mobile at all. I can only assume that they lie about everything. I came from Verizon and have never had anything less than 4 bars all around my small city and never dropped to LTE. now I get LTE about 30% of the time and I drop 3-4 times a week. I won’t even go into the nightmare I had today trying to use my 200 gift card at T-mobile. I will say this Today I got told a total of 8 times completely different answers to the questions about buying a stupid tablet. My 200 is going to shutting down my account and going back to Verizon. They are not the greatest at customer service but in 10 years I don’t remember them ever lying to me