Tmobile eSIM + Brazilian physical SIM with iPhone 11Pro

  • 7 December 2022
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A Tmobile offshore tech support rep helped me set up an eSIM recently, as my physical SIM seemed to be defective, and I’m currently in Brazil. 

She had told me not to run both the Tmobile eSIM and the Brazilian physical SIM at the same time and I don’t know why (her communication in English was a little rough). Here’s what I want to do, and from what I have in my settings it seems to working ok:

Tmobile eSIM - to be able to receive SMS messages to my US-based Tmobile number (for phone calls I have them forwarding to a Skype number)

Brazilian physical SIM - for celular data & phone calls (I have this reflected properly in settings, under “celular data” and “default voice line”).

Note: I also have data roaming currently turned off for both SIMs.

So, anything I need to be aware of that could be a problem? Maybe a little extra battery drain, I suppose?

Previously I was constantly switching between SIMs because many of my US-based online account would send me 2 factor authentication by text message only. It would drive me crazy. And occasionally I’d also miss SMS messages from people who don’t know I’m traveling. Also, I like to be able to receive SMS messages on my Mac laptop, from that T-mobile number as well. So, having the ability to have both SIMs active is great!

Thanks in advance for any feedback. 

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