Tmobile lost my trade in and is not honoring trade credit.What can I do?

  • 29 September 2022
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I shipped the trade in to T-Mobile, the tracking says it was delivered. I called them to ask about my trade in credit and they said they never received the phone. I provided them the tracking number and the email saying how much my trade in was approved for. They are now only offering me $80 from what was supposed to be $380. What are my options here? I’ve been a T-Mobile customer for a very long time with 6 lines and multiple new phones on payment plans.

4 replies

If the tracking shows delivered but the device was not scanned in then you would want to file a claim with USPS. T-Mobile does not use tracking #s as proof of receiving the device just that the package was received. 

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Devices are also not sent to T-Mobile.  They are sent to Assurant.  Trade-in value is also an estimate until the device is received and assessed by Assurant.  Almost always, trade-in devices are assessed at a much lower value when received than what the initial estimation was.  


I received an email that said it was received and the credit would be applied to my account. Only I never received the credit which is why I called in the first place. And that’s when they said they couldn’t find it and only offered me $80. I have the phones serial number in the email.

T-Mobile has a great scam going.  I have seen several similar complaints about the same thing. In fact, we learned yesterday that T-Mobile claims they don't have either of our phones.  My wife sent hers back from one city in February, confirmation of delivery received.  I sent mine from another city a few days later.  Nine months later, they tell us they were never received and that we will owe then $1,800 to get out of the contract - this is after we paid for one phone according to the promotion they moved us too.  I tried to turn my phone in at a store and was told I had to ship it.  This has to be a scam - they bait, then switch you to another plan, then do whatever they wish with trade-in phones.  We are looking take legal action and are looking for others, like you to show this is a bigger issue than just one or two customers.  You can reach out at