Tmobile never paid my termination fees 2016


In 2016 T-Mobile had a deal where they will pay the cancellation fees when you switch to their net work after you send them the last bill of from your old network. I did as following when I switch from sprint to T-Mobile and my terminations fees were never paid. I now have $818 in collections by sprint from a debt collector and have telling them that T-Mobile promised to pay off my cancellation fees they know won’t physical paper evidence and I’m not sure where to go or how to ask T-Mobile to provide this. 

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Have you tried contacting Customer Care via 611 from your T-Mobile device or contacting the T-Force Team via Facebook or Twitter?

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i always thought you paid off the final bill and then you received that final bill payment back from the carrier you are switching to?

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T-Mobile never paid anyone’s final bill. You were supposed to pay the bill then submit a copy to request T-Mobile reimburse you the amount. Sometimes the reimbursement would arrive before the bill came due but that was not guaranteed. In fact, the whole deal was not guaranteed and would sometimes go terribly off the rails.