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Hello. I am a potential T-Mobile customer. I was wondering if Military members can use the T-Mobile One Military plan discount and pay the extra $10 a line on top to get the T-Mobile One Plus plan and keep the discounts? See below. Thanks in advance.

Prices include taxes/fees/discounts in my estimate

Ex: T-Mobile One Military (2 lines) = $80

Ex: T-Mobile One Plus (2 lines) = $100??


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Hello, my question has been answered. Thank you all!

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You are absolutely correct with your calculations.  On top of that, as a Tmo One Military subsriber, your access to Netflix is absolutely free (2 screen name limit).  I am currently a deploy Soldier somewhere in the Middle East and Tmo has been working for me throughout the AO; absolutely no complaints as I can always reach to my family in the middle of Baghdad, Dubai, and in between!  Gotta love Tmobile!!

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Ex: T-Mobile One Plus International (2 Military lines) = $130

You get Unlimited 4G Hotspot & International Stateside Calling,

Unlimited 4G Streaming amoung other benefit.

I would make sure you ask 110 quest like how long the promot last and just what qualifies. I was very let down by Tmobile with this entire subject

I currently have Verizon and am paying more than I would with T-Mobile. I went to a T-Mobile store yesterday and got an S9 plus. They told me that within 14 days I can return the phone and be refunded for the service (minus a $50 restocking fee) if I am not happy with it. So, the next few days I am going to be testing in the areas that I spend most of my time in. I was very pleased that T-Mobile service at my house is noticeably better than Verizon's. You can use the One Plus data service for an extra $10 on the military plan. Overall, I am very pleased so far.

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Hey there!

Looks like you got lots of help from our community folks and it's awesome hearing you've join the T-Mobile family! I do hope you got all your questions here answered. Glad to hear you're pleased and we'll do what we can to make sure you're happy.

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misty.vince.1222 wrote:

I would make sure you ask 110 quest like how long the promot last and just what qualifies. I was very let down by Tmobile with this entire subject

It never expires unless you were dishonorably discharged, or you stop submitting every so often you papers.

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Hi again.

Did you still need some help? Please give us a reply if you have any more questions.

Hello, my question has been answered. Thank you all!

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Still frustrated, all these new plans that I can't take advantage of and I did the math with TMO One Military Vs. My North American SC plan with military discount  doesn't save me a ton mostly because I refuse to do autopay and the services provided with SC to me out paces TMO one/(mil). My only conflict I'd like to get my unlimited hotspot back, without spending a ton of $$$ I gave it up a few years back, so each line could have 14gb LTE hotspot. which is worth it's weight in gold. 

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I didn't know there were an unlimited hotspot option with T-Mobile... if i had known, i would of purchased it. I still have the 7GB Hotspot (tethering) feature.... i wanted the 14GB upgrade... but I was told by many T-Mobile reps and the site.... that if i upgraded my plan from the 7GB (tethering) hotspot I would lose my Family Stateside International Plan feature for $10.  Gaining 7GB more in hotspot wasn't enough of an incentive to toss my Family Stateside International Plan away....

Im not in the Military, nor do I get any military discount. But my current plan is still more appealing than the regular ONE Plan and Military ONE Plan.

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Before the Simple Choice Plans came out, I had the TMO Loyalty plan for families $89.99 for two lines + $20 for unlimited hotspot it was just my line, I had to add lines for the kids along the way @$39.99 per line. the Simple choice came out 4 lines for $100 an I think my last plan swap is the one I'm on now NA SC Family match promo 4 lines $150 Unlimited with 14gb LTE Hotspots. Question @barcodeable have you noticed if your data use seems to be increased towards the end of the month, I've called TMO to file a complaint, I'm halfway through my billing cycle and have used 4gb of my mobile hotspot seems like when I get around 10 days out, my hotspot data racks up and my usage habits did not change. Wondering if you noticed the same.

I will say for todays market TMO One(mil) is a great value, If I weren't  on my current rate plan I'd be all over this deal.    

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Actually Im the wrong person to ask about data usage being increased at the end of the months... because I rarely use my data. I rarely have the need to use my smartphone hotspot feature when Im out and about because I have unlimited data on my phone. Even-though I have two 6GB Tablet lines each with 20GB of data stashed, I use my 2GB tablet line primarily. I legitimately reach my 2GB limit in about 5 days, and thereafter I continue to use my tablet despite the slow 2G speed. The best kept secret.... unlimited 2G speed is great for searching the internet, and listening to talk radio & music so i have no complaints for only paying $10 for the data plan.

When I do use my wifi hotspot... i make sure i take full advantage of the BINGE-On feature.... and use it only with BingeOn friendly apps. So I never really notice an abnormal amount of data being used .

I just switched to the Military One plan, and thinks thats great... until I tried to get the S9+ and found out that I am paying taxes for money they arent going to receive and would be paying half of the cost of the phone at $20 up front. It seems that I still have to pay $75 for the taxes (taxes for $840, not $420), $20-30 for some charge, and $120 to get the phone and then be billed for another $300. I guess someone thinks that the Military, Veterans, and NG are rolling in money. I guess good credit and being a long time customer doesnt matter when they can hit you with the brick as you walk in the door.

Hi I'm trying to get T-Mobile Acct Pin# but it seems that I'm running into walls to get my acct pin#

Can you please help me because I need to do Military  verification in turn it back in within the next 45 days....??????