Tmobile parenting controls drove me to drink

  • 21 February 2021
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My teens both found themselves involved with bad people in town and needed consequences. I wanted to turn their phones off as a consequence of bad behavior.

It was so onerous, intractable and painful using T-mobiles options to just simply turn my kids phones off for an hour, or a day or so, I ended up turning to the bottle myself.

No, that is not true. I’m being facetious. I think.

But Jesus Christ, could you make this any more difficult? I just want to turn the phone off for an hour or so, a day or so. I don’t want to suspend lines. I don’t want to code my phones. I don't want to pay even more for Familywhere, Familyallowances, Familyhell etc...I certainly don’t want another hour on text with a nice man in India who sounds like the most polite Victorian dandy you ever met, but offers solutions my dead grandmother knows won’t work. Oh, restart? Really?

This should be a switch in settings. Simple as that.

Back to the vodka….

3 replies

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Take the phones away because even if you were to shut them down for an hour from the Tmobile network the kids will still have access to wifi. 

This way you can enjoy your Vodka.


Thanks my friend. Sometimes they are already out and about. And their mom can’t always take them physically. 

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You used to be able to go to the line settings and turn the data off but with wifi they can still use the phone.

As long as they can turn on the phone they can bypass any settings you set on their lines.