Tmobile promotion a scam

  • 21 January 2022
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I came to TMobile at 216 Maple Ave W Vienna Va 22180in March 2021 to get a new cellphone. I’d been a customer for 4 years.I thought that’s simple and easy. Then sales person told me that I can buy one and get one free and even gave me this watch for free,  So I paid for one at over $900.

I went on vacation and came back in July. I had been autopay for Tmobile and noticed that they were

overcharging me.  I got an accident and on wheelchair for few months. But as much as I can I had been calling and coming to the store questioning why I’d been charged for the 2nd cellphone and watch. They said I had to deal with TMobile customeer support they don’t deal with financial.

Since then way back in July, Aug,Sept through now I’d been dealing with the store, the 611, the 800 customer service. Everytime they said they will fix the problem. 2nd cellphone and watch are free.

Until now my last bill is for $45.01 for equipment which they had been billing me since April2021. I spent hours on the phone and in person in the store and still they have not done anything. To call them, waiting time is at least over 30 minutes and talking to anybody takes an hour or so. Last time I was told that my issue is solve, billing will be adjusted but none done.

Spending over $900 for a second phone which I don’t even used is quite a lot. I can’t afford to pay for those 2 equipment. I am a 75 yrs old and sales representative at the store took advantage of false advertising and TMobile doesn’t care to look at my issue nor do anything. I made a mistake of coming to TMobile. How can such a big company let this scam going on their stores? And how come they don’t care with my issue????????

If ever you go to a TMobile store be careful with their sales scams. I don’t know what else I can do or whoever somehow help me stop billing me for $45.01 every month .

I can’t keep going to the store. I got an accident and had 2 fractured legs bones. I tried to come and talked to the store  BUT TMobile allowed this to keep going on. I called and talked to them many times for months and NOTHING done. How can such a big company deal with their customer like this.

Im going to write as much as I could to address my issue even though TMOBILE does NOT care.







5 replies

True i went through this exact same thing  i soent 1200 on iphone 13 pro max the store in cicero il told me buy one get other free just pay taxes i paid taxes and 2 months later they charging me for the other phone just as if i got it on credit . I talked to customer service they assured me that the situation was taken csre of. They tried to force  me in to auto pay which is a scam people thats how they charge you extra since it comes out your account. I found my self now paying for a iphone 13 mini which i didnt have but it showed up on my bill  they claimed it was a mistake and removed it from my bill and then put the balance right back on my second iphone which was suppose to be free.  I talked to 3 reps no supervisor would talk to me this particular day . I let them know that s supervisor had assured me that i didnt owe for any headsets months ago. They even tried to say that they only paid 700 on the free phone . I said well if tgst was so why did my bill say i owe 962 on my balance  .make it make sense. Why try to add a headset that i never owned then removed it when i notice it if i truly owe for my second phone . Someone is doing a lot of scamming at tmobile  been with them well over 10 years got my personL info leaked through the security leak and still stayed loyal to this company. I refuse to continue doing business with such a crooked company i advise everyone thats got payments coming straight from their account to stop and look at their bill sometimes cause they may be paying more than they are suppose to be . Beware people buy one get one t mobile scam

Wow,  it's frightening to hear another customer, like me, have identical issues with TMobile. And I can't believe the amount of hours I have spent on the phone with them and in person going to my local store trying to resolve the issues of charging me for a second line and number from day one with them.  

I too did auto bill and didn't have any worries untill the drafts against my checking account grew by $25 a month.

I'm incredibly busy like most people are these days , working  64-75 hrs a week 7 days a week.

Finally after 7 mis I forced my self to look at my bill to see why my bill went from$55 to almost double. 

I only had 1 phone( I came from Metro PCS) with a phone I loved and had purchased less than 90 days prior.  Only to be told the $400 phone I owned couldn't be brought over to their network because they req atleast 90 days B4 it can be used by another carrier.  After 2 hours in the store trying to switch, I was apologetic and said I must have service today. Live on a very small budget and after paying $400 for the phone . I couldn't afford to buy another phone from them to be their customer, and The Saleswoman said as I was heading toward the door Wait! I have this phone for you, don't worry ITS FREE! I said No Charge- she repeated FREE. SIGNED ME UP and out the door I went.


7 mos later I see 2 phone numbers and an equipment charge for the cheapo pos phone that I was told will cost me nothing but the plan. I agreed and she lied. Straight to my face. I've called for days and finally got a fellow I was confident was adjusting my bill. 

He was a great communicator, however only issued a 35 credit period. I was floored. Was disconnected, and out of mere frustration I decided to call back next day. After cool down.

I just can't believe I'm still making pymts on that post phone and the only reason I went with them is because THE PHONE WAS FREE!  Why would I buy a new phone spend over $400 insure it as well then agree to make payments for 24 months on a phone that was worth 150 maybe that the sales rep picked out?

No one with a brain would do that. 

I , so aside from not being logical I didn't want to add to my monthly nut. I live on a fixed income of 936 mo.

It was better for the sales rep to lie to me to get the sale and since then it's been one thing after another. 

It would choke a horse if I told you what I've paid in bills to T-Mobile. And no matter my argument I still paid my bill or made arrangements to pay. 

THe mistakes on a continuum are startling. All along doing my best paying my bill while an actual dispute was filed.

No help.

my phone has been billed over $140 for a phone I didn't want or need.  They fraudulently charged me and I didn't buy insurance on it. It's a free phone I'll replace it if I lose it or stolen(fat chance)

sure enough 9 most later my boyfriend ran over it with Fork lift on jobsite.

I've called and called and there's more problems also but it's overwhelming to even think about putting it on the same post so I'll continue working on getting a full credit for something that I was told cost me nothing and perhaps the mistakes that were made in other parts of my account will be corrected as well I just can't believe T-Mobile would allow it there representatives to out and out to see the customers and not do what's right by the customer it's appalling the amount of money in the last year that's went to this company against my better judgment for their mistakes because nothing is fixed as fast as it gets messed up

I was told my bill was going from 174 to 204 no my bill is now 274 I'm so upset I added two more lines was completely lied to about the process an the prices the phones were suppose to be free I'm being charged for them my insurance went up from 9 a phone to 18 a phone I mean I spent hours on hours on the phone I'm told everytime it's gonna be fixed don't worry everything will go back it's just  3 months then the promotion kicks in I wasn't told anything about my bill gonna be more for 3 months it Was all a lie to get a sale the last customer service representatives I talk to were so rude an disrespectful I'm trying to find a company that will help pay for me to switch right now I'm so done I've had 2 of my numbers for 10 plus years i always pay my bills an on time I do autopay but when your lied to then disrespected multiple times by workers for calling ya I don't recommend them to anyone now I was to everyone even got them a few customers not ever again I loved there service before this happened to me!

Yep. For mine, it says it would be $150 if I changed my plan, but it was actually $170. Good thing I called. 


Same thing here!  I’ve started calling T-Mobile about it on a daily basis!

We spoke to a sales rep in the Brandon Town Center store, mid-December, (who conveniently no longer works there). They promised us that if we switched from Verizon they would give us $1000 dollars toward paying of our phones, and they could drop our phone bill from ~$315 / month to around $120 / month with an unlimited plan.  That a business account would be better since we needed three (3) lines. That we would have to wait for the new customer period to finish and then we would get our money.  That we could also qualify for a Veterans discount (I'm a Vet) to make our bill even lower. All lies.
It's been 6 months and we still haven't received our reimbursement for the phones we were still paying for at Verizon. They said the bill will be a little higher than normal for the first month just till all of the billing catches up and then it will drop to the regular rate.  We kept checking with T-Mobile waiting for the Prepaid cards with our money and the bill be dropped to about $100-$120.  Then that's when we noticed about 12 phone numbers that we were paying for. We've called several times and can't get any help. They always tell us that there isn't anything they can do, they'll have to check with a supervisor and get back with us. When asking about the amount of the bill ($385!!) they say that my Veterans discount has dropped off and we have too many lines!
They put those lines on there to make their quota! And I shouldn't have to use a Veteran's discount to reduce my bill to below $385!!!  Now I'm told if we cancel, they won't be able to help us resolve this, we'll just owe that and much more! We're being blackmailed!