tmobile refuse to refund MY money

  • 10 February 2021
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I suspended an initial order back in December when I was told a phone I put a 311$ Deposit on In November  would  it be available until feb 25! The associate offered me the 12 pro max on a promotion I then paid 417 deposit on that phone. I requested that’s the initial suspended transaction be REFUNDED to my card I used on file,he said no problem. Here it is February and I still have not received my refund. Tmobile has given me the run around for weeks I call them everyday and nobody is getting the job done. They have given me all types of credits up to 500 dollars worth! Credits that I didn’t ask for! I want my money! That is owed to me! They refuse to give me my money. They keep offering a virtual gift card that comes in 3/5 business days I waited 10 business days and still no virtual gift card!!!! I don’t think they even give virtual gift card smh. I’m so hot I really just want to cancel my account with them. 













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