Tmobile told me they would go out of business if they honored promotions

  • 19 January 2021
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So i bought a tablet and 3 days later it went on sale for 200 off. They told me they wouldnt honor the promotion and if i returned it i would be banned from promotions for 90 days. They then told me that if they honored promotions in the return window of 14 days of devices they would go out of business haha. Shows you how bad tmobile is, they must be holding the busimess together with glue and duct tape. 


I have never had a problem with any other business, lowes, homedepot, walmart, best buy, local owned stores, amazon, gamestop, new egg, and even ebay with them honoring a price drop within days of purchase. 


So in thier twisted logic of keeping thier falling apart business together they cocndule the only way to do it is with scams and tricks or they will fail. So they litterally lost my 5 line for the next 3 plus years over 200 dollars. I dont even care they got me with the buy one get one free, and ill end up paying 900 more. Guess they figure every ones to poor to break out of thier contracts so they just open up the flaps and tell you tell us all about the pain haha. 


So instead of just honoring it, and keeping customers they would lose out on that 160 a month, for years because they are too cheap to honor promotions in return device windows.


Also dont give me the garbage they cant cause its a phone. I bought a s8 from specturm a week later they put out the s9 plus for cheaper than the s8. They let me switch and honored the promotion. 


Wonder what will hapoen when verizon sues them for thier lies about how thier 5g is better when it is terrible. I forsee tmobile going out of business sooner rather than later. Just like frontier communications. 

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