Touch Screen Failure

  • 29 September 2018
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Is it me or has the touch screen become more hared to be useful when you need to use you phone. For example you go to answer your phone and then boom you can't swipe your screen because your touch screen has had a glitch. If there is anybody with answers to fix this annoying problem please respond.


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5 replies

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That's a super annoying issue!  What kind of phone are you using?

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I'm sure we can help a bit more if we do know the type of phone you have. You should also follow the steps on our Screen troubleshooting page as well for help with your screen.

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We really wanna make sure your screen works for you. Please give us a reply and let us know if you still need help.

i'm having an issue with my Samsung Galaxy S9 touch screen. It won't respond to my touch at all. I can't even restart my phone because it won't let me touch the button. I've tried cleaning the screen, taking off the screen protector, taking the case off (an Otterbox), and plugging it into my laptop. Nothing works.

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Press and hold volume down and power and that will shut it off and then turn it on again normally.