Trade In Credit Scam

  • 4 May 2022
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Purchased new IPhone 13 because of the $800 promo credit offered for trading in my device.

Store tells me I will receive a send back kit to return my device.

No kit arrives, so I take it upon myself to contact customer service since the website does not allow me to request a send back kit. Explain the situation to the rep and they say they will send me a kit.

Receive kit, send phone back. Phone is received. 

Check my account to see a $175 credit. Think to myself what is this? Contact customer service and they tell me they sent the wrong “return kit” and that kit is only for a buy back credit.

Furious…explain the situation and am assured they have noted on my account that I should get the promotion and will remove the $175 credit and that I will see it on next bill.

Don’t see it…repeat process by calling in to again hear I have “noted it on your account and see a manager has approved”.

Receive new bill…still not fixed. 

Fix It! I have screenshots and video of the condition of the phone I sent and conversations assuring me it was fixed. So give me my money or send back the pristine phone I sent in that is worth more than your lame $175 offer. 


7 replies




I’m with you. They tried to do it to me with my trade in. the kid in the store never put in that I traded in my s10+ been waiting for 2 ½ mos for CS to fix the issue before I call the cops on the kid and the store. 


I am not going to continue having to contact your “representatives” to be pacified that “Oh, yes I see where this has been sent to be fixed and will be reflected on your next bill.” I want a direct number to a supervisor or corporate. 



Now I’m being passed to someone about my returned phone status. Shouldn’t they have already done this months ago when the phone was returned? 



Now they say they have no details of a return? Even though numerous agents have said yes. 



And more of the dodging and passing the blame. How many supervisors does it take to fix this problem? How about these “supervisors” give me a direct call to confirm the issue is fixed. 


Not exactly the same thing, but I had some serious issues with comcast not porting numbers when I left them.  I filed a formal complaint with the FCC, I then received a phone call from comcast from someone who spoke perfect English who wanted to get it resolved, the numbers were ported same day if I remember correctly.    AMAZING.

File formal complaints with State Attorney Generals.