Trade-in Device is missing from warehouse though USPS tracking states that it is delivered?

  • 18 October 2021
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I used the trade-in offer for 4 of my Iphone XRs through T-Mobile online order for new iPhones. All 4 iPhone XRs are sent through USPS at the same time and USPS tracking shows that all 4 were received by the warehouse at the same time as well.


As I have been monitoring the process, 3 of them were scanned/processed with the credit posted but 1 was not even though all were received exactly on the same day/same time. I called T-Mobile Customer Service where I was told that a Handset Research Ticket is opened for investigation and 5 days later I received an email that they did not have any information for the device IMEI I sent. This is stressing me out beyond belief since I followed every step and procedure but in this situation now. 

When I called again, I was told that another ticket is opened for the research by the offline team?

Any ideas to resolve this quickly? Should I be doing some other step that I am unaware of?


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You can reach out to our T-Force team using the @TMobileHelp Twitter handle. They can look into that ticket for you and escalate it if needed. Since the shipping matches the device you sent back, and it says it was delivered, there should be more our support teams can do to take care of this for you.



Thank you for the response. I reached out again to the customer service over the phone since not on twitter and still not resolved.  Yes - the shipping/tracking information clearly states that it was delivered on October the 2nd and two handset research tickers opened since with device not being found.

I am being told that there can be 3rd Handset research ticket opened and wait for more time.

It is totally frustrating and not sure who to turn to to get help resolve this!!


Resolved by Phone customer service. Thanks!

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Resolved by Phone customer service. Thanks!


Thanks for letting us know.  So few ever do.