Trade in Device not found in the Warehouse

  • 12 January 2021
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Me and my husband recently switched to T-Mobile from Verizon. We opted for trading in our iPhone XS devices. We went to the store for trade in but the representative denied accepting the devices and asked us to post them via USPS. We packed our devices with the given label. However, USPS asked us to pay extra since the packages were over the weight limit. We paid the additional $10 but the tracking id were changed. 

Five days later, we got notifications from T-Mobile that they didn’t receive the devices. I checked the USPS trackings and found that both of the devices were sent to the warehouse at Lewisville,TX. I called 611 for help. The T-Mobile expert submitted a ticket for warehouse investigation. Two weeks later, a T-Mobile expert called back and told me that the devices were not found and they can do nothing about it. 


What should I do? Do I file a lawsuit?


2 replies

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Contact USPS and have them open up an investigation.  USPS should be able to confirm they were delivered, which you can then turn around and take that information to T-Mobile.  While waiting for USPS to investigate, contact T-Mobile through Facebook or Twitter to get you someone from the T-Force Team to further look into things from their side.

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I would suggest writing a letter citing the Fair Credit Billing Act explaining their error and that you do not owe what they claim you do. This puts the law on your side if it goes to court or arbitration.

T-Mobile’s trade-in SNAFUs are legend. You want to avoid sending the phones to that warehouse if at all possible.