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  • 15 January 2021
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T mobile had sent me new iPhone 12 mini and as soon as I received it, I got returned my iPhone 11 pro right away to t mobile Vienna, which was December 20th. But t mobile sent me an email at new year’s that ‘send me old device packing’, which I already done. I made phone calls to t Mobil two times and t mobile said that don’t worry and I don’t have to search, they would find them. I searched anyway, I don’t trust people, tracking number on my receipt and it was delivered to Lewisville,Texas on December 30th. And my device’s expiration date is January 16th. 

For the location that T mobile Vienna sent to,Lewisville,Texas, is that correct? 

Does this missing usually happen or not? 



1 reply

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I think we’re in almost exactly the same situation. By T-Mobile Vienna, you mean the local store? Right?

On 12/14 I traded in a phone at the local store. They accepted the phone but I didn’t notice that the receipt where it listed my trade-in said “Deferred Offer”. I didn’t know what that meant. 

When they accept a trade-in at the store, there is normally a sticker printed out that they attach to the phone, which they ship in as part of a bulk shipment of trade-in devices. In my case, the printer spat out a mailing label. The store associates said they only noticed this after I’d left and it’s quite unusual. They then packed up my phone, attached the mailing label and delivered it to USPS. The tracking information they gave me says it was delivered to Texas on the 28th. About the 30th I received an e-mail and text asking me to send my old device “packing”.

To me this is a huge failure and exactly what I was trying to avoid by dealing with the store, rather than online. T-Mobile’s warehouse is notorious. It’s a huge, chronic pain point which should have been resolved years ago but which T-Mobile just ignores.

I spoke with Tech Support yesterday about a coverage issue. While I was talking with  them, I mentioned the warehouse issue. They are supposedly looking into it but I have not received my full credit for the trade-in and have not received a statement of receipt from T-Mobile.