Trade in offer for Pixel 6 Pro

  • 24 October 2021
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I have a Galaxy Note 9 in great condition. When I went through the process to trade it in for a Pixel 6 Pro (retail $899.99), I discovered the monthly payment for EIP doesn't add up. It says after the down payment of $149.99,  shipping and taxes, there will be a credit of $86 applied after two billing cycles. The trade in credit is $450 total, so that leaves $364 in credits left to be applied over 24 months.  T-Mobile says the monthly payment amount is $16.08. 

Given the $86 credit comes off the financed amount of the Pixel, which is 750 after the down payment, the new financed amount is $664. So now for 24 months it is $27.67. Then there is $364 credit to be applied over 24 months. That is $15.17 per month. $27.67 minus $15.17 is $12.50 per month,  not $16.08.

What gives???

3 replies

I may have the same deal you got?

Note 9 trade...


I called a support tech and got this figured out. The $86 credit is applied to the wireless account, not to the equipment installment plan. 

It is strange that pixel 6 trade in does not include 4a.

What will be the discount for trade in 4a 5g for the pixel 6 pro offer?