Trade in Value promotion promised is not displaying on paperwork

  • 21 June 2022
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I recently saw a promotion for up to 800 dollars with trade in for the Samsung s22 ultra, i started the process and was told my phone qualified for 600 dollars. So i went and purchased the phone upgrade, now on my paperwork the trade in value is only showing 60 dollars. Whys is the promo not being honored? I've attached screenshots of what is promised and what paperwork is showing. 

1 reply

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This is how promotional trade ins work. As a promotion, you are getting more than fair market value of your phone. The fair market value is $60 and the promotion is $540. Without knowing which specific promotion you were given, I believe you will get the $60 as a one time credit and the $540 in equal monthly credits over 24 months. You can confirm this my contacting TMO support. Sometimes TMO will add some more up front credits, but the formula of up front + sum of monthly credits should equal your total trade in promised.