Transferring a phone number to T-Mobile from another carrier

  • 11 May 2022
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I wanted to transfer my phone number that I have had for over 30 years to T-Mobile.  What seem to be a simple process is a complete headache.  I am a new customer and I assumed that transferring my number to my new phone under T-Mobile would be a breeze.

I was on the phone with customer service for over 3 hours with the back and forth of porting my number with a PIN. The PIN was not working on T-Mobile’s end, so I called my previous carrier to see if there was a mistake in the PIN number. No it was not. I ended up going to the physical store to resolve the issue and still the same thing.  At that point, I just gave up that day.  I waited a couple of days and called T-Mobile back to see if I could get this issue solved. A customer rep got on the phone and I explained what I wanted to do. They went on to tell me that I needed a Transfer PIN number. So I asked, what’s the difference between the Port PIN and the Transfer PIN, the rep stated that it would be different numbers.

WRONG! The number is one in the same. After that issue was clarified, we began the process of transferring my number to T-Mobile.  I was told the reason why the transferring of the number didn’t work before was that my new address was not on my account. Therefore, we solved that issue. The rep told me that my number was transferred to T-Mobile and that I needed to turn off my old/new phone to complete the process.

WELL, not only was my number transferred, it became a second line to my T-Mobile account and did not replace the number I currently have with T-Mobile. To add insult to injury, it is an additional $45 monthly charge for the second line. I’m sorry I changed over to T-Mobile.  I should have gone to VERIZON like my daughter asked me too but I got caught up in the bogus promotional BS.

T-Mobile you suck.

2 replies

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Porting can sometimes get wrapped around the axle.

Have you addressed your problem to TForce? (@TMobileHelp on Twitter)

I was told that the phone number from my old phone would continue to work for a few days while the transfer to T-Mobile would take place BUT it’s not working, so basically I am without a phone right now. HELP, HELP…

My new T-Mobile Phone works BUT not with the phone number that all my contacts have.