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Why is the aaa not working?


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I have the same question.


@maynardccr18 tmobiles cap😤 I noticed today they had the text you have to be a Tmoble magenta subscriber added to the page and it wasn’t there yesterday because like I had a screenshot of it and everything anyway they added that so I called AAA AAA tells me I need to give them a code and they can manually do it but as you know it never gives you the code. So I go and call Tmoble back, Mind you I was on the phone with them all day yesterday as well as multiple times today or yesterday called with them telling me they were going to escalate it to support to get me an answer and that somebody would call me back by Friday. 

so anyway after I hung up with Aaa I called Tmoble back to ask them could you just give me the code and I’ll have Aaa put it in common to find out they’ve changed it to only postpaid accounts and I’m on a prepaid and I don’t know if you or not but I’m thinking that’s the problem. But the reality is it was not like that at first so maybe they made that decision and didn’t let anybody know because as I said I talk to multiple reps at Tmoble and it wasn’t until today that somebody even said that so then I asked him how much is it gonna cost if I want to go to a postpaid they talking about it’s going to be 70 some dollars so basically you gonna charge me $25 more even though I’ve been here for years  it really is not worth it because for the $20 extra the free money that I would’ve gotten for the Aaa order so I’m so sick of them I’ve been thinking about this time to make a change and I do believe that time has come because obviously they don’t appreciate loyalty in the reality is there are so many players in a mobile game right now they’re not alone at all 


Thank you. I tried to straighten out with T-mobile but also to no avail.

same here, some T-Mobile specialist said they would contact me later to help me figure it out but they never did. Seems kinda BS

Hey TMOBILE, don't offer us perks and benefits for show and then not give us the information to collect. You sent out a blast today about free AAA membership for 1 year. I follow instructions and sent to landing page asking of a code. WHERE'S THE CODE?

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Go to your MyTmobile account and check under line add ons . It shows on my account as eligible but I have a One plan and not taking the chance they upgrade my plan.