Unable to Activate Virtual Mastercard

  • 2 January 2019
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I received my text message with my Virtual Mastercard number.  I am unable to access the balance, but I couldn't remember if I actually activated.  I can neither activate it nor check the balance - I keep getting an error that it's invalid.

Please help!



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9 replies

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Are you going to the prepaid Mastercard website to activate it and if so, what's the error you're getting if any?

Hi Mike.  I hadn't checked wirecard since I originally wrote this.  Today it appears to be working!

Thank you for getting back to me and have a great weekend!

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Awesome! I'm glad it's working! Thanks for coming back to let us know.

Where do I go to activate my master card Account to log in numbers

What site do you go to to activate your master card take me to that site to activate my card please

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i got a text that my virtual card is ready, but when i click the link it sends me to a generic welcome to TMobile page and instructions on how to switch.   I need instructions on how to get the virtual card and how to use it.

I have a similar problem. I got the link and tried to put in my wallet but it would not add. I’ve deleted the link and don’t know how to access the virtual card. Anybody have a suggestion.