Unable to add perk discount : employment verification flow issue

  • 25 June 2021
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Switched from AT&T on 3/24/21, traded in two phones, activates three new lines at local store. 

Cust rep applied employee perk discount (corporate discount 10% for 2 years) to the accounts during activation.  Went through the employment verification flow in the app on 3/24/21. 

Received an email on 3/24/21 from SheerID verification, saying “Unable to confirm your status” and awaiting documentation upload, include a link point back to .  It’s basically going back to the standard profile page, which is where we submit the employment info through the app in the first place.  It’s a dead loop, and I have no way to upload the doc.

I have an employment letter dated 3/25/21 for record, but nowhere to upload.

Initiated a chat session looking for help on 3/25/21 (have record of the conversation), pointed me a phone number 877-384-0296.

Called the number and talked to a rep, explained the situation.  He claimed he took care of verification and the discount is applied (without asking me for the letter).  Should show up in upcoming bill.


Three months later (present time), received another email from SheerID verification on 6/22/21.  The same email I received from 3/24/21.  Then I found out the discount was never applied, and seems like verification was never completed.

6/25/21 : Stopped by the local Tmobile store, the same one I activated the lines from.  Explained the situation and local rep contacted support line and say can’t help applying the discount as it explires already the verification should took place within 30 days from activation (which I thought it was taking care of).  Contacted that 877-384-0296 number, they are the dept for verification, claimed there is no record/memo on the call and can’t do anything.


Obviously there is some website verification flow loop issue and I can not upload the document, and missed the $200 discount.  Please help.

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