Unable to get Verification Texts

  • 27 September 2021
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Many apps require sending a verification text for two-factor authentication.  After moving to a new phone, I am no longer receiving these for many apps.  T-mobiles 2 factor code comes through, but FanDuel and Robinhood for example, no longer do.


3 replies

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Sounds like you need to have short codes enabled.

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What device did you switch from and to?  I know the iPhone texting system is a little different. so if you went from an iPhone to Android, then having shortcodes enabled on your account, if they are not already, should help.  Prepaid accounts though, don’t always work with some verification services due to no ID being attacked to the account to actually verify the identity of the name on the service.  


Thanks for the response. I went from a Pixel 3a to a Pixel 5a 5g.  For some reason they disabled short codes. I called and had them enabled.