Unable to Login Prepaid Account

  • 19 November 2020
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I tried several computers, phones, browsers, but all fail to login to my prepaid account. It shows “Uh-oh, it looks like we have our wires crossed. Please try again later.” It seems like others have had similar issues, and may I have to open a T-Mobile ticket to fix it? May I know how? Anyone is able to help? Thx!

9 replies

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OK, no one answered your request to contact Tmobile so scroll down a bit and click the Facebook or Twitter link to ask for help. This is a public users forum occasionally monitored by Tmobile employees so you need to contact someone who can help with your account. :wink:


It seemed to work yesterday, and I logged in to make a payment, but it is not working for me again now.


Looks like I am able to login now. 


T-Mobile is a complete mess, this issue has been on/off for several years, also my phone 25% can’t receive calls and calls forwarded to VoiceMail for no reason, yet T-Mo can’t and won’t fix the issue, we need to switch to AT&T.

Prepaid, and same problem here.. can’t seem to log in for several days.

Has anyone had any luck contacting and rep? I tried the chat and phone call but been on hold for an hour.


please fix this issue.  Cannot login to pay!!  This has been down for several days and still not fixed.

Me too. This is not the first time this has happened.   It's absolutely ridiculous.  

Same issue for several days now