Unable to make multiple payments for 24 hours??

  • 20 August 2017
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I have a family plan with a family member. Every month for the last 4 years I've paid half of the bill with his card and the other half of the bill with my card. 3 months ago your system stopped accepting my second payment. I've called in twice now trying to figure out what the issue is and am told the system has been updated and I have to wait 24 hours to make the second payment. Just now one of your agents tried to process the second payment over the phone (she said would waive the ridiculous $8 fee for a phone payment), and she got an error as well.

I have no idea why you chose to implement a 24 hour hold between payments, but it is the least helpful, most annoying, and most inconvenient implementation ever. My only options are to 1) wait 24 hours between payments, which requires me to now remember to log in 2 days in a row no less than 24 hours apart to pay my bill, or 2) pay the full amount on the due date with my card and have my family member send me money for their portion of the bill. Either way requires more work on my part and increases the likelihood that T-mobile will not timely receive the second payment.

Unless there is a newly-enacted law or regulation that requires 24 hour periods between payments, I strongly recommend that you phase this out. At the very least, you should give your customers the option to request the ability to make payments with 2 different credit cards at the same time.


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The 24 hour period is a fraud prevention measure. Don't expect that to go away. The easiest thing to do would probably be to make the payment to T-Mobile in full on one card and have the other party just to send you the money instantly over a banking app.

if you insist on complicating the bill payment method by using two cards make sure the card in question has the correct information such as the cardholders address and billing address as correct as well as security codes expiration dates and card numbers.

Thanks for your reply snn_555, however, I do not insist on "complicating the bill payment method by using two cards". It was not complicated until t-mobile implemented this change. It was very simple and it took 1-2 minutes to process both payments. It was much less complicated than it would be to put the full amount on my card and attempt to collect the rest from the other party (who already owes me money). And much less complicated than having to log back in 24 hours later and make a second payment.

And I don't understand how waiting 24 hours to make a second payment will prevent fraud. How exactly would someone benefit from making two fraudulent payments of $56 at the same time as opposed to making one fraudulent payment of $112?

If this is a fraud prevention measure, t-mobile should allow its customers the option to make 2 payments with different credit cards on the same date. Especially customers who have been using this method to pay their bills for the last 3/4 years.

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It's like when you enter the wrong log in info x number of times:  you get locked out for a period of time. If you input the wrong info several times the system knows something is amiss. Some CC issuers send a notice to the card holder letting them know that an attempt was made. It's just a security feature.

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Hey @magenta2452782

The 24 hour lock out is for payments for the exact same amount. This is to prevent a user from accidentally making the same payment two or more times in one day. If you and the other party pay amounts that are even $0.01 different, you will not have an issue.

T-mobile does not accept multiple payments within 24 hours. The statement that the payments can't be for the exact amount is incorrect. I just tried to pay off the EIP for two phones with a debit card. The first payment went through, the second one was denied multiple times. I then tried my son's debit card and it was denied. The last one I tried was a credit card from a different provider and it was denied. My conclusion is that they don't accept multiple payments for the same account within 24 hours. I contacted them about it and they told me to contact my bank if the payment is denied, so basically they are insinuating that I have insufficient funds. They have a problem with their website, this is not the only thing on there that doesn't work right. Pretty sad for a global telecommunications company.

I want to pay my bill but your system does not want to accept it. Your system shows "Enter a valid Debit card number" or "Enter a valid routing number" for the cards/accounts that have been used for a long time to pay T-Mobile bills without any problems before. That looks to me like a bug in your web/payment system. Please let me know how to overcome this issue.