Unable to Open/Receive MMS Messages (Picture or Group)

  • 16 November 2020
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I have an LG dual screen V60 ThinQ that I’ve had for only about 4 months.  I am using the default text messaging app that is on the phone and on the home screen.

Over the past 3-4 days, every time I receive a MMS text picture or MMS group text, no matter how small it is (i.e. 1k), my phone doesn’t alert me and when I see that I have unread texts, it asks “Receive file?” I hit receive button within text and it keeps spinning.  Then all of my texts are blocked from being sent, even SMS texts.  I have to shut the phone and restart.  I also take it off of Wifi (not Wifi calling as I always have that off) before restarting.  This shutdown and shutting off the Wifi seems to work as I then hit receive and the picture/group text opens.

I have noticed that it seems to happen when I also have been receiving some sort of update with a yellow icon.  It’s some sort of Hub? I googled it and it is a Sprint update.

Is this Sprint Hub update the reason for my inability to open MMS messages? I called the local T-mobile store and nobody seems to know what is causing this.  I’m somewhat tech savvy and have not made any changes to my phone setting since I bought it 4 months ago.

I have already checked my mobile network and it is 5G On.

Any ideas?

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try with WIFI Calling (WFC) turned on. odds are youre not getting them pulled in due to a data issue..even while connected to wifi..when you restart the phone its refreshing the phones connections including your mobile data connection


also is this only happening while inside or while out and about as well?