Unable to register as the PAH

It is disheartening to see that, after reviewing the discussion board, this issue has been going on with people for AT LEAST 6 months!

A week ago I left my carrier (starts with a V) that I had been with for around 15 years and was pretty happy with but the T-Mobile, Military discount was just to good to pass up.

Yes, I'm having the same issue with "confirming", "registering" myself as the Primary Account Holder (PAH) in my online account (enter last 4 of SSN and birthday). Yes, I've called Support (got transferred a couple of times) and each answer was wait 24 hours, the store rep said 24 support FAQ says 72 hrs....either way, it's been almost a week. This issue prevents me from seeing the other lines in my account, setting up Netflix among other things.

Is there a solid fix??


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Hey, @magenta4835452​! First off, thanks for joining TMO and our Support Community! I'm sorry that the welcome you're receiving hasn't been free of snags!
It sounds like you're following the correct steps to establish your line as the PAH -- what happens once you enter the information? Do you see an error message; or is the line view simply not changed? What browser(s) have you tried to use to complete this step so far?

One thing I want to call out because you mentioned the military discount (hooray! 😀) -- I know that the PAH on accounts that have verified eligibility has to be the military member. If that's you, this is definitely something that we need to clear up ASAP!
While we can't take a look from here, our internal teams with account access do have access to a tool we can use to manually establish the correct PAH. When you've reached out to our Care teams, have we been attempting to complete this step and advising you of the timeline after making changes -- or just explaining the standard timelines, but not using the tool?

Thanks again for posting, and sorry for all of the questions!

The error message I was receiving...after entering the information mentioned earlier, was: the information entered does not match our records.

I tried both FireFox and Internet Explorer web browsers as well as the T-Mobile app on my phone.

The good news is, after another phone call today (1-800-937-8997) the lady on the other end of the line fixed it in about 2 minutes!!

I was able to verify it while she stayed on the line.

I sincerely hope this is the one and only glitch with my new carrier.

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Oh, man! That's great news. I hope this is the one and only glitch, too -- and I'm sorry that there had to be a glitch at all, but glad that our Care team was able to square this away so quickly! Thanks for coming back to let us know! 😊

I'm having the same issue and it has been over a week now. It's still not fixed... 

Boo, happened to me, bad start to my t mobile days

Boo, happened to me, bad start to my t mobile days

They still haven't fixed it. What they have done so far is that they have refunded me for Netflix every month as statement credit. If you are in the same boat I recommend you do the same until they take it seriously and actually fix this issue. 

Same happened to me as well. Got it fixed’ 

Same happened to me as well. Got it fixed’ 

I still have this issue. What was the solution /what did they do to fix it? 

I called 611. They were able to get it taken care of. 

I called 611. They were able to get it taken care of. 

How strange, I have been calling that for over 4 months without any luck.