Unknown number on my bill for months

  • 16 November 2021
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Starting in March, a new number kept popping up on a phone in my plan  for inbound, outbound, and an occasional call . The number was never used the same day as another “known” number. Those 2 numbers seemed to alternate days….. and then the “known” number disappeared from the bill, and the “unknown” number continued.  They had the same pattern of usage. Same times. Same days. 

Without providing too many details, I’ve reason to be suspicious of the phone owner on my plan, and the owner of the “known” number. 

Is there a way to set up a fake number ? Or can someone use an app that changes the number on a bill?

I theorize a burner phone has been purchased that was sometimes used in the beginning, and is now used exclusively.

Any thoughts?

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