Unlimited plan for 3

  • 27 September 2020
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Recently, I added a 3rd line to my simple choice plan. For the original 2 lines I still have a limit of 2GB 4G data. The 3rd line has 6 GB. 

Is there a better unlimited plan for 3, for $100, all taxes and charges included? The essentials is $105, but with taxes it would be closer to $125. Maybe I should just wait for a promo?

4 replies

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You should of changed your plan first then added a line when Tmobile ran their add a line free promo.

I don’t see many options to get 3 unlimited lines for $100.


How do you get notified when tmo runs their “add a free line” promo?

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TmoNews , Reddit  and actually the Twitter feed on this site will give details.

Im not happy with them.

It's best to switch to another company who cares.

Tmobile doesn't care about their existing customers if they don't bring them more customers the way they want.  New customers or people with 2 lines can get the promotion and pay less than existing customers with 3 or more lines.  That's backward.  Customer service will say that they care, but words with no action are meaningless.

There are companies better than Tmobile. I have been looking at other service providers. Google them.