Unlock LG V30 outside USA. How to?

  • 24 January 2018
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Hi. I bought LG V30 and want to unlock it in another country. But the "Device unlock" says Server not responding, try again later. And also I can't ask T-Mobile for solution, because a sim card doesn't have the number and I can't activate it outside USA. What to do?


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4 replies

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You must be a customer with an account in good standing and in the United States and the phone must have been used for 40 consecutive days on the network to request an unlock. If you had an account that is cancelled it must be in good standing.Unlock your mobile wireless device

How can contact directly to t-mobile?

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The only way I know of for you to contact T-Mobile from out of the u.s. is perhaps through social media like Facebook or Twitter. However because you don't have an account they may not be able to help you very much.

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Hi, @magenta3931782!

Welcome to our Support Community! @snn555 was able to provide some helpful information. The LG V30 requires the device to be unlocked via the Mobile Device Unlock App. Since you currently do not have an active account with T-Mobile, you'll have to meet all of the qualifications for a permanent unlock vs. a temporary unlock. On top of the contact options that @snn555 mentioned, you can also call +1-505-998-3793 internationally to speak with Customer Care.