Unlock T-Mobile LG v40 ThinQ Purchased from Amazon

  • 22 September 2020
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Dear T-Mobile:

When I unlock my LG V40 ThinQ from my TMobile account, it says "IMEI not in T-mobile system",
but this is definitely a Tmobile device with all the Tmob locked apps and Tmobile boot logo and music etc...Its model number is LM-V405TA (same as LG v40 ThinQ sold by TMobile).

I purchased the LG V40 ThinQ from Amazon.

The issue is same as being reported on . 

Can you unlock my LG V40 ThinQ?



5 replies

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Devices not sold by T-Mobile would not have their IMEI in T-Mobile’s system.  You could try contacting the T-Force Team through Facebook or Twitter to see if they could add it and then issue an unlock.  

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syaoran  - Thanks for the information.

I can’t tell whether T-Force Team through Facebook or Twitter is responding to enquiries recently. So I called T-Mobile Support instead. T-Mobile representative told me the device sold via Amazon is not locked so there is no unlock work to be performed. Hope she is correct. I don’t have any non-T-Mobile sim to confirm the unlock status. Is there any other way to confirm the phone is indeed unlocked?

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Do you have a T-Mobile Unlock App on the device?  That is usually a tell tale sign as to whether the device is locked or not.  This app does not appear in the Play Store to download if it isn’t already there.  This app will disappear on its own if the device is unlocked but can also be removed with ADB.  Hopefully you can find or borrow a friend’s SIM to try and ensure your device is unlocked.  


I still have the T-Mobile Unlock App on the LG V40.  I tried it before and after calling T-Mobile and the message is the same:

Upon starting the App - “Your device is network locked at this time, which prevents it from operating with other compatible wireless networks. To inquire about your device’s unlock eligibility, please continue.”

When trying Permanent Unlock - “Unlock Failed. The mobile device is not eligible for unlock.”  

Anyway, from

the result is - “This phone is not blocked - it’s ready to use on the T-Mobile network”

I wonder how “accurate” are these messages.  As when I try an iPhone that I purchased from T-Mobile (still being paid via monthly payment), the result is - “Your device’s outstanding balance needs to be paid before the device can be used with T-Mobile. Please call Customer Care to resolve”.  (Note: the iPhone is now on T-Mobile since day one purchased from T-Mobile).

Anyhow, the iPhone did show “Device locked” if I attempt to unlock it via T-Moble Account online. This message is true as it is a locked device and not currently eligible to be unlocked as it is not paid in full yet.

I guess the best way to confirm the phone is unlocked is to try it with a non T-Mobile SIM (which I have no access to).


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That means your device is not SIM unlocked.  You will need to reach out to the T-Force Team via Facebook or Twitter, have them add the device IMEI into T-Mobile's system, and then request the permanent SIM unlock once that is done.